Saturday, July 24, 2021

 Why Space Travel Is Impossible?

The only way to accelerate in space is using mass ejection technology/rocket fuel ejection based on momentum conservation law.

Duo to fuel mass is limited, to visit other solar systems is impossible dream.

No ET can visit earth, not one can even send a laser beam to earth from the nearest star.    

Colonize other planets is a scientific scam, just like fusion, space mission, detecting gravity wave, send telescope to space, solar sail, wrap drive, EM Drive, laser propulsion etc scams.

Matters are the carrier of energy. Forces are the conductor of energy. Energy through forces between matters simultaneously motivate all matters moving, vibrating, changing and evolving to give us the feeling and concept of time flow. The universe is living at forever ongoing now, time travel is a story. Every atom, planet, and star is an AC generator, a transformer and an antenna. The universe is in a sympathetic vibration.

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