Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Van Allen Belt is a lie

A Van Allen radiation belt is a zone of energetic charged particles, most of which originate from the solar wind, that are captured by and held around a planet by that planet's magnetosphere. Earth has two such belts. Wiki

Magnets cannot attract or hold charged particles is fact. 

Solar wind does not exist is fact. 

Electron and proton particles must attracted together is fact. 

Magnetic force decays at 1/rrr is fact.  

Earth has no magnetic poles is fact. Otherwise iron will be heavier than gold at the poles.  

Any belts will block sunlight is fact.  

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Solar Wind is a lie

There is no solar wind 

Any mass/matter ejected from the sun will fall back due to gravity. There is no known mechanism to produce solar wind. 

Electron and proton particles are impossible to separate due to strong attraction force will bond them all together therefore single charged particles are impossible to exist. 

If stars are constantly emit solar wind/electrons and protons then the space should be filled up with hydrogen. 

Saturday, September 25, 2021

What and where is light?

Light is oscillating electricity on the surfaces of matters. Light is coexisting with matters permanently. 

Different color due to different oscillation frequency of the atoms on the surface of matters.

Different brightness due to different oscillation strength of the atoms on the surface of matters.

All matters are formed from atoms. All atoms are formed from electric charged atom parts. Same charged atom parts repel each other and opposite charged atom parts attract each other, with inherited Coulomb's force. 

Due to atoms' structure have no friction, atoms are perpetual machines that constantly oscillating and carrying oscillating electricity.

The more atoms/mass packed together with gravity, the higher energy density and temperature a star has, it oscillates at higher voltage and looks brighter, 

Empty space has nothing but empty space. Do not read and believe. All things in nature have its precise mechanism. To understand the universe we must understood how atom is formed precisely. Without atoms there is nothing left.

Light is not wave nor particle. Scientists misinterpreted oscillating electricity in the air/medium as EM wave and photon particle. 

The double slit experiment showed light has wave property is due to air particles oscillating with light source. If do the experiment is a vacuum chamber, wave pattern will disappear.

Photoelectric effect is misinterpretation of oscillating electricity from the light source as photon particle. The photoelectric effect is a misinterpretation of light energy working on semiconductors. Light is not a particle beam that carries momentum, light is oscillating electrostatic force propagating in the medium/air. When the frequency is higher enough, it can affect charged floating liquid/electrons in solar cells to move and produce current. 

Scientists are all wrong about light and atom. They don't even understand what is gravity, what causes tide, their BS theories are all mistakes. Theoretical physicists are having the lowest mind and merit, they deny facts, promote lies, use their position and power to keep fooling down the people, scam funding for researching unicorn fart.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Theoretical physics is witchcraft

Put water in the middle of earth and moon it will be accelerating to earth. Is that a fact? 

Moon’s gravity can rise sea water to produce tide is a joke. Why are all people so stupid?

Simple phenomena on earth as ocean tide made all scientists unable to understand its true mechanism. 

How can they understand sub atomic particles or stars? How can they understand light, energy, black hole, dark matter, space and time?

Friday, September 10, 2021

Earth has no magnetic poles

Earth has no magnetic poles 

Compass works at equator so earth magnetic force at the poles must be very strong. Therefore an iron weight will be much heavier at the magnetic poles.  But the fact is iron weights the same at anywhere.  

Textbooks are wrong. Earth magnetic force is not caused by molten core but circling sunlight.

Earth Magnetic Field Mechanism

Sunlight on earth is an alternating current in the atmosphere induced by the light on the Sun.

Sunlight on earth is moving westward at 1,000 mi/hr at the equator as the earth spins.

This movement induces an east-west direction current in the atmosphere.

This current in the atmosphere induces compasses to point to the north.

This current also accelerates away from the equator to the poles to create polar lights.

The earth’s magnetic field is not from the molten iron core.

There will be no magnetic pole reverse unless the earth spins the other way.

Earth’s magnetic field is a misinterpretation of this circular electric current on earth.

Earth has this special east-west direction electric current in the atmosphere. Birds sense this current to navigate. We, too, use compasses to sense this current to navigate.

There is no tide on earth

If you look earth from space using precise tools you will find there is no tide on earth. 

The sea level is always stable no matter sun moon positions. Tide is coastal sea bed rising and falling caused by thermal expansion of the landmass misinterpreted as sea level changing.  

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Tide Mechanism

Tide is not caused by gravity of the moon. The moon’s gravity is attracting the whole mass of the earth not just mass on the surface. Fact is the sea level is stable.  

Tide is caused by coastal sea bed fall and raise due to thermal expansion of the landmass. 

To prove it, set up a laser beam parallels to sea level off shore at high tide and measure the angle change at low tide. If sea level is up and down the two beams will be parallel.