Sunday, August 28, 2022

 Pity on all theoretical physicists

None of theoretical physicist understand what is light, what is energy, how atoms are formed, what causes tide, why earth has no magnetic poles. 

They invented BS theories such as relativity, quantum mechanics, Big Bang, black hole, dark matter, virtual particle, the standard model etc, to scam the world. 

If light is photon particle moving at light speed, what kind of particle can bounce back from different material at same speed? Where are photons coming from and how?

If earth has magnetic poles why iron is not heavier at the poles? Magnetic force decays at distance cube is known fact. Why physicists all deny fact?

Moon’s gravity attracts the whole earth not only sea water, tide is impossible caused by sun or moon’s gravity is simple fact. 

Lying scientists say moon’s gravity causing two water bulges and earth moves under causing tide.

How stupid? Water bulges move around earth at equator at 1000 miles per hour causing tide?

99% content of physics textbook are BS, voodoo science. Scientists are liars, witches, scammers.