Thursday, January 6, 2022

Energy and atom

 We know now all the matters are made from about 100 different elements/atoms. 

But we still don’t know how the simplest atom hydrogen is constructed. We still don’t know what exactly is energy as Feynman quoted. 

I think energy is electrostatic force coexisting with atoms/matters. 

The hydrogen atom is constructed as:

A positively charged indestructible ball sealed inside an indestructible double shell, the inner shell is positively charged and outer shell is negatively charged, above the outer shell there is floating negatively charged fluid/so called electrons. 

The ball repelled by the inner shell and attracted by the outer shell, oscillating at nature frequency. The floating fluid attracted by the inner shell and repelled by the outer shell, oscillating at nature frequency. 

Two atoms at a distance r, their charged atoms parts attract and repel each other, the net Coulomb’s force is always an weak attraction force which is proportional to the product of the mass/total charges and inversely proportional to distance square. This is the mechanism of gravity. 

The two atoms share their oscillating electrostatic force/thermal energy through the repelling force between their surfaces/floating oscillating fluid. 

This repelling force between the surfaces of all matters is called levity by scientists before 19 century but no one discover its mechanism. 

Gravity keeps planets in orbit. Levity conducts energy. Both forces are coexisting with the carriers/matters. Force has carrier, direction and attitude. Force has no speed, all forces are constantly existing. 

Light/energy is coexisting with matters. There is no energy/light in empty space. 

The sun never radiate light/energy/heat into space. All scientists are mistaken thinking the sun is a fusion reactor constantly radiate energy into space. Because they don’t know what is energy due to their have no clue how atoms are constructed. 

The amount of charge of the atom parts governs an atoms properties. 

All atoms have solid indestructible outer shell that’s how solid matter can be made. 

Electric current is the flow of atoms surface floating fluid. There is no single charged electron or proton existing. Present standard model is total BS. 

Saturday, January 1, 2022


Dream the most beautiful dream

Dream the most beautiful dream

Dream the most beautiful dream

Just look at you