Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Physics today is religion

Scientists are all mistaken on simple phenomena on earth such as tide and magnetic poles.

Physics today is controlled religion.

Tide is caused by moon’s gravity is a lie. Tide is illusion of coastal seabed moving caused by thermal expansion of the landmass caused by sunlight energy.

Earth has no magnetic poles is fact. Earth magnetic field is caused by circling sunlight energy/electricity.

Earth magnetic force strength is 0.3 gauss near the equator and 0.6 gauss near the poles. Where are earth magnetic poles? Isn’t magnetic force decays at distance cube a fact?

Magnetosphere is a lie. 

What is magnetosphere? Where is it? 

Van Allen Belts is a lie.

Because magnetosphere is imaginary.

Solar wind is a lie.

The sun produces solar wind that contains electrons and protons is a lie because single charged particles are impossible to exist. 

Opposite charged particles must attracted together under Coulomb’s force. The standard model is pure mistaken. 

Atoms must be indestructible solid building blocks of matters in order to form solid matters is fact. How can atoms contain 99.9999% empty space?

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Common scientific lies

Tide is caused by moon’s gravity is a lie

Tide is an illusion. 

Sea level is never changing due to the amount of sea water is never changing. 

Coastal seabeds move up and down or in and out relative to stable sea level due to thermal expansion of the earth crust causing the illusion of tides come in and out. 



Tide is not happening in any oceans but coastal area.

Sea level is never changing to cause tides around the earth that ranged from few feet to 50 feet high and one to four times per day per location. 

Watch closely. Sea level is stable but coastal seabed is sinking into sea slowly causing the illusion of sea level is rising and tide is coming in. 

Sunlight is constantly circling earth westward heating up earth crust. Thermal expansion of the landmass causes coastal seabed bending causing the illusion of sea level changing. 

Due to the shape of all the ocean basins—their bathymetry, and coastline shape, tides happen one to four times per day and 3 to 50 feet high per location.

Check out Wiki has how much lies about tide - the simplest and most common phenomena on earth. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tide

Imaginary water bulges move westward at  1000 miles per hour at equator. Tides move at different direction and few miles per hour.