Saturday, July 24, 2021

 Gravity Explained

Gravity is the attraction force between masses. Mass M1 and M2 at distance R attract each other with Coulomb's force F=G x M1M2/R^2. 

Duo to all masses are formed from atoms, all atoms are formed from charged particles/misinterpretation of charged atom parts, all atom parts only carry electrostatic force, therefore all forces in nature is electrostatic force/electric force/electricity. 

Magnetic force is circling electric force carried in magnet or circling electricity carry in copper circular coils.

Gravity is net Coulomb's force of all charges between masses. Positively charged atom parts repel each other and oppositely charged atom parts attract each other, the combined force is always a small attraction force between masses. 

If we cover small disk magnets on two balls' surfaces, with north and south pole evenly distributed, the two balls will always attract each other even their net magnetic force is zero.

Atoms' structure have opposite charges evenly distributed on every direction, therefore gravity is a weak force. Magnets are having poles at opposite direction, therefore much stronger than gravity, although they are both coming from electrostatic force. 

There is another force that governs light energy called levity before 19 century, I name it universal repulsion force. It is Coulomb's force between line of sight surfaces of all masses. 

The charged atom surfaces on the screen and eyes are constantly repel each other with levity, therefore sharing oscillating electricity of the atoms. The true mechanism of light/radiation/photon/EM wave.  

There is no strong and weak force, there is no proton and electron particle. The SM atom theory is pure BS.

Retarded theoretical physicists think tide is caused by moon's gravity. The fact is tide is caused by thermal expansion of the coastal sea floor. Simple fact and logic cannot handle, but somehow they know the big bang, even know how many particles were created in the first second.  Those monkey minds should be put in the big house, yet they hold the highest position in the edu system.

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