Friday, November 18, 2022

A song for Newton

A song for Newton 

The Sea level is never changing 

The Coastal is slowly dancing 

Cus the crust is thermal expansion 

Cus the sunlight is always circling 

Scientists are baby crying 

Scientists are baby crying 

Tide is an illusion 

Tide is an illusion 

Monday, November 7, 2022

Pain killing machine

Pain killing machine

Electrical signals in our nerve systems producing the feels of pain. 

It is theoretically possible to use oscillating electricity at some frequency to simulate electrical signals into human body to delete pain signals.  

Can you develop a machine to help people?

Force and matter

Force and matter

All matters are formed by atoms. All atoms are formed by charged atom parts. 

Therefore all the forces exist is electrostatic force/electricity/Coulomb’s force. 

Force lines and force fields are imaginary lines and fields within matters/carriers. 

Electrostatic force is within charged atom parts. 

Gravity/universal attraction force is the net electrostatic forces of all atom parts between stars/matters/masses/atoms. 

Magnetic force is circular electrostatic force all magnetic matters carried. 

Levity/universal repulsion force is electrostatic repulsion between line of sight surfaces of matters. 

All other force are imaginary scientific lies such as strong and weak force. 

All motions of matters are powered by force. F=ma. Force, matter and motion are coexisting, are self existed because matter and energy are conserved, cannot be created or destroyed. 

Friday, November 4, 2022

Free battery idea

 Free battery

Sunlight is oscillating electricity moving around earth westward constantly. It induces a direct current in conductive materials such as compasses and atmosphere. This is the mechanism of polar lights and earth magnetic field. 

We can make a battery to collect this sunlight induced current to make a free battery. 

Such as a thin copper plate on the roof that has two terminals on the edges of the east and west directions. 

This battery generates DC constantly for free. The voltage of this current is proportional to the distance of the terminals and the current amount is proportional the width of the copper plate.