Tuesday, April 27, 2021

 Fake ISS

4.00  Can you tell ISS is fake? Earth's diameter is 7900 miles, ISS is 230 miles away. 

6.19.13  Can you tell ISS is fake? Earth's diameter is 7900 miles, ISS is 230 miles away. 

16.00 and 1.41.00 can you tell the ISS speed are different at the same distance?

Monday, April 26, 2021

 NASA Secret Weapon 

7.13.03  Secret weapon?

2.48.20  See earth curvature from 230 miles above 8000 miles diameter ball? ISS moves at what speed?

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Let Here Be Light

Light is oscillating electrostatic force carried by oscillating atoms on the surface of matters. Visible light are carried by atoms oscillating at visible frequencies. Radio waves are lower frequency and x-rays are higher frequency oscillating electrostatic force carried by oscillating atoms.. 

To understand light, energy, gravity and more, we must first understand the precise structure of the atoms that made up everything in the universe.

In the illusive present atomic theory, atoms are formed from a heavy positively charged nucleus surrounded by waving or clouding or orbiting negatively charged electrons therefore atoms contain 99.999999% empty space.

If atoms are formed from electron cloud or electron wave or electron orbital surrounded a positively charged nucleus, how can diamond cuts steel? How diamond atom's electron orbital cuts steel atom's electron orbital? How can electron cloud or electron wave or electron orbital stay stable under the pressure from cutting?

Based on this false model, particle physics, QM, GR, SR, and electromagnetism are all full of mistakes.

Water is not compressible, steel is not compressible, gases are compressible into liquids but not more compressible. How could their building blocks contain 99.999999% empty space?

Atoms must have a solid incompressible surface in order to from into solid matters. Atoms are impossible to have a surface made by a waving or clouding or orbiting electrons. 

What is the precise mechanism for electrons to orbiting or waving or clouding a positively charged nucleus? Between electron and nucleus there is only one force existing F=Ke x PE/R^2 is a fact. 

Theoretical physicists invented word puzzles such as quantum energy, quantum state, electron cloud, electron shell, electron hole, electron orbital, uncertainty principle, wave particle duality, energy level, gravity well, strong force, weak force, dark matter, electromagnetic wave, photon, aether etc, imaginary unicorn fart to build their theories.

According to proven knowledge, electrons must collide with nucleus and release energy and stick together. Similar to apple falls to earth or two magnets attract together. Notice that electrostatic force is 10^36 times stronger than gravity. 

The photon is a type of elementary particle. It is the quantum of the electromagnetic field including electromagnetic radiation such as light and radio waves, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. Photons are massless, so they always move at the speed of light in vacuum, 299792458 m/s. Wikipedia

Photons are massless, so they always move at the speed of light in vacuum? Why? How? Move in vacuum on a straight line or like a wave? What is the quantum of the electromagnetic field? What is quantum? What is magnetic field? How photons carry electromagnetic force? What is photon made of? Where are photons located? How photons carry what energy? How photons decelerate in water and accelerate into air? How photons transfer energy to electrons in solar cells to produce current? Collide? Momentum conservation? Where are photons after hit electrons in solar cells? Why electrons in solar cells don't flow to positively charged nucleus?

The present atomic structure theory is 100% incorrect. 

In the new theory atoms are formed from indestructible atom parts, a positively charged ball sealed inside of a spheric double shell which is positively charged inside and negatively charged outside, and a leyel of floating negatively charged incompressible fluid. There is no electron, no proton, no neutron, no strong and weak force, no other particles existing. 

In this model, the ball attracted by the outer shell and repelled by the inner shell, oscillating inside constantly according to energy and momentum conservation laws. The floating fluid attracted by the ball and inner shell and repelled by the outer shell, oscillating outside the shell constantly under Coulomb's force. 

The charge of the ball, inner shell, outer shell and fluid govern the mass and properties of the atom. 

Two atoms 1 and 2 at a distance r, all charges in 1 attract all opposite charges and repel all same charges in 2,  the net Coulomb's force is always a weak attraction force, so called gravity.

The floating fluid on the line of sight surfaces of the two atoms are constantly repelling each other with Coulomb's force, so called levity by scientists before 19 century. I name it universal repulsion force.

This strong repulsion force conducts oscillating electrostatic force between atoms/matters at any distance instantly. Sunlight does not travel through space to reach earth, sunlight induces earthlight through levity constantly, earthlight is circling around earth wastward, it can never radiate into space. Radiation is not energy radiating into empty space but oscillating electrostatic force acts on matters surfaces at any distance instantly. 

Gravity and levity are coexisting with their carriers/matters. There are no gravity waves and light waves traveling at light speed in vacuum space. All scientists are mistaken to say so. 

Forces, energy, light, radiation, waves, fields must coexist with their carriers/matters. There is absolutely nothing but void existing in vacuum space. No plasma, no virtual particles, no solar wind, no gravity or gravity wave, no light or light wave, no field, no force, no fabric of spacetime, no ripples, no radiation, no black hole, no dark matter, all imaginary BS created by theoretical physicists.

Every atom is a perpetual machine, the parts are indestructible, the energy is conserved. The motions are immortal. The more atoms attracted together by gravity the higher energy density and temperature. 

Stars are condensed masses, bigger stars are hotter. Stars are not fusion reactors. Stars don't radiate energy/light/heat into space, they induce light on the line of sight matters through universal repulsion force.

Stronger oscillating electrostatic force has higher voltage, thus one way heat flow. Temperature is proportional to the strength of the oscillating force in matters.

The sun keeps earth temperature stable by absorbing man made heat through universal repulsion force.

Fusion is impossible. Space missions claimed time delay in radio communications are fake. Sunlight does not travel 8 minutes to get to earth, sunlight is coexisting with sun facing matters on earth.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Fake Mars Landing

0.53 so fake, no dust at all at landing and taking off. impossible.

see the dust flow at 2.47?

remember the fake moon landing black sky? mars sky should be very dark.

Friday, April 9, 2021