Saturday, August 31, 2019

Eric Dollard speaking about the ancient secrets of music and sound frequencies. Truly mind blowing stuff and right in my own backyard of San Francisco!
Grace Cathedral Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor playlist for Eric...
  • Joe Chang He said the Sun is a transformer. Energy is from other dimension. Fact is there is no other dimensions, Sun is AC generator. Sun carries renewable AC.

  • Oketa Otira Eric Dollard is all talk, no do. He should have been able to build something by now.

    But still, his speculations make one go back into the works of Tesla, Maxwell, Heaviside, etc
    • Joe Chang Heaviside what? BS? Tesla build AC generator, that's about it. Maxwell is a liar. There is no electric field and magnetic field self reproducing transverse EM waves in vacuum space.
    • Oketa Otira Joe Chang Tesla had more than 200 patents.. The AC generator is one of many.

      As for Maxwell, what did he lie about?
    • Joe Chang Tesla had 1000 patents So what? Anyone made him $? Did he die penny less?
    • Joe Chang Maxwell is a liar. There is no electric field and magnetic field self reproducing transverse EM waves in vacuum space.
    • Joe Chang All scientists are lied that light/photon traveling in vacuum space at 3x10^8 m/s.
    • Oketa Otira Joe Chang but Maxwell said magnetic fields are produced by changing electric fields or by moving electric and magnetic forces are not two different things, but one.
    • Oketa Otira Joe Chang I agree about the lie regarding the speed of light. Many of these scientists have half of the picture.

      It is not a lie per say, but it is an incomplete picture. As for Einstein, that one is a complete fraud...
    • Joe Chang Oketa Otira Maxwell was wrong about that too. Magnetic force/field is in fact circular electric force/field.
    • Garrison Simpson Joe Chang are you kidding me. Have you read Secrets of Cold War Technology? Once Tesla observered pulse DC he completely abandoned all AC technology.
    • JJ Jones Garrison Simpson Shushhhhhh..........🤐
    • Joe Chang I claimed a lot of science lies. Any scientists, experts can debunk any? Speak up! Don't be a pussy.
    • Neil Thompson Joe Chang Are you insane? No electric field? 

      Do you know how capacitors work?
    • Neil Thompson Joe Chang Seriously... only warning...
    • Shifu R. Careaga Joe Chang who are you again? Oh yeah NOBODY
    • Garrison Simpson It’s like watching lions take down a water buffalo. Down goes Chang! Lmao!
    • Joe Chang Neil Thompson That is correct. Only electric force exist. What is field? What is the content of field? How field interact with matter? What's the mechanism?
    • Carrie Rutter WOAH t - can admin please also stomp on 'ad hominem' comments? 

      In the other corner - Trash maxwell or tesla on science topic fine but pls cite your sources Joe Chang for those of us who are less informed and therefor asyet unpolarised. Certainly maxw
      ell isnt the beesknees in various articles related to eu i've been reading. i dont think Prof Assis likes his (maxwells) stuff much but honestly i may be misquoting him (Assis) badly. I will read his article to check - Assis, Andre & H. Wiederkehr, K. (2003). Weber quoting Maxwell. Mitteilungen der Gauss-Gesellschaft. 40. 53-74 (Dollard makes my head spin i cant listen to him(Dollard).)
    • Neil Thompson Carrie Rutter I gave him a clear warning... Only one.
    • Neil Thompson Joe Chang Wait... You just said the electric force doesn't exist? and now you say it does?

      "Heaviside what? BS? Tesla build AC generator, that's about it. Maxwell is a liar. There is no electric field and magnetic field self reproducing transverse EM 
      waves in vacuum space."

      We know the electric field exists... We not only can measure it, but we can actually build and use it for the storage of energy...

      Your keyboard, monitors and computer all use them to function.

      Charge, in Coulombs, Q is how much charge can be held on the plates, given the capacitors characteristics.

      Q = CV, C = Q/V. 

      C depends on the capacitor's geometry and on the type of dielectric material used. The capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor with two plates of area A separated by a distance d and no dielectric material between the plates is 

      C = ε0A/d.
    • Carrie Rutter Neil Thompson i think the argument is about the "field" concept which eu does consider a big conceptual problem - don scott complaining about field lines and magnetic reconnection, all makes sense sometimes then dreamlike i lose the deep understanding again - so i think Joe Chang is right just also ESL challenged? Not native english speaker? Who else challeges the whole field concept? I've seen it and swept right on past to go look at THE SHINY CATALAN MOTOR its soooo much more interesting!!! 🍭
    • Joe Chang Carrie Rutter Awesome. Field is a misinterpretation of force. Forces must coexist with matters. Matters in any space/place all carry forces. But there is NO forces in the space. Forces/fields must coexist with matters. Simple facts. Hold magnets in your hands, feel the forces. Where is magnetic field? What is magnetic field? What is quantum field?????
    • Jack Passmore Jesus being ril in the world for just a few days... next thing I know you were out here having big old battles about Maxwell on the interwebs!
    • Joe Chang Neil Thompson I never said electric force doesn't exist. I said all forces are based on electrostatic force, Coulomb's force. I said strong force is BS. Capacitors carry electric energy, carry electric charges and electric force. But there is no field. What is field made of? How field interact with matter or charges?

  • Spirit Daniel Thunder Everything he has said about music and frequency is true in my experience. I spent most of my life in choral groups and bands. The church choirs, you would feel like you were completely out of your body. 
    The resonance of your voice and all the voices around you, and the organs, penetrating completely.

  • Joe Chang If 3, 6 and 9 are keys to the universe, Tesla will not die alone. Agree?

  • Tzvi Adi Magic mushrooms ?
  • Carrie Rutter Eileen Day McKusick i dont know if you want to take the time to review this and give the exec summary?
  • Trevor Kupetz Fractal geometry creates infinite dimensions.
    • Joe Chang All dimensions are in our heads and in the only space in the universe.

  • Rob Blair He also says the sun is a transformer. It transforms electrical energy into light energy.
    • Joe Chang Light is AC. Sun is AC generator. He is close to the truth.
    • Rob Blair You're saying the sun produces electricity?
    • Joe Chang From F=Ke x PQ/R^2, AC on the Sun can induce AC on all planets instantly, no time delay, only the AC strength decay at 1/R^2. Therefore there is no radiation/light/photon/EM wave traveling in vacuum space at light speed. Therefore Sunlight takes 8 minutes to get here is a lie. Therefore all the star lights we can see are alive stars now, no light is from the past.
    • Joe Chang Rob Blair Yes. Atomic Structure Theory

      An atom is an alternating current generator and a two-way antenna. Every atom is a perpetual machine.

      Every electron carries 1 negative charge. If we split the electron into 1,000,000 equal pieces, each piece will carry 1/1,000,000 negative charge. Let's name it enertron.

      If we have a perfect bottle, which means no leakage, and no reaction with enertron, like a glass bottle and air, and we put 1,000,000 enertrons into the perfect bottle, since they repel each other with Coulomb's force, they will equally distribute in the bottle.

      Now if we put a proton into the perfect bottle, what will happen?

      Enertrons should be attracted by the proton, colliding on its surface and keep bouncing up and down, forming a vibrating elastic ball around it. The closer to the positive charge the denser the enertron cloud is, the density of the enertron cloud decays at 1/R^3 due to the repulsion force between enertrons decays at 1/R^2. We can call it an atom ball. 

      Imagine many perfect balls with a total mass equal to earth’s mass, fall on the perfect earth surface and bounce up and down forever. Assume the earth is a giant positive charge and perfect balls are small negative charges. Theoretically, mathematically, and logically speaking, this system is a perpetual machine, and it could be real.

      Imagine the enertron is a real particle that it carries a tiny negative charge, but it has a stronger electric force than compared to electron, similar to neodymium magnet compared to ceramic magnet.

      Imagine a proton actually carries 918 positive charges, and it attracted 917 negative charges of enertrons to form an atom ball that carries 1 positive net charge. Add 1 electron to the atom ball to form a neutrally charged hydrogen atom. One atomic weight equals to 1,836 total charges, no matter whether these are positive charge or negative charges.

      This is the only logically possible atomic structure that could make any sense in reality.

      The negatively charged particles in the atom are constantly oscillating at radius direction. This is the alternating current within the atom, therefore the atom is an alternating current generator.

      Atoms can exchange their inner alternating current by contacting and by radiation at a distance, so atoms are two-way antennas.

      Atoms are constantly oscillating with the alternating current within, due to energy is conserved, atoms are perpetual machine.
    • Joe Chang The whole universe is connected by electric force. All the energy in the universe is electric energy. Electric energy is motivating all matters simultaneously oscillating, moving, changing, reforming and evolving at this forever ongoing now. Matter and energy are both conserved, all that can be and will be is the forever ongoing reality.