Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Scientific Mistake Of The Ocean Tide

All scientists think the tide is caused by the moon's and sun's gravity. All textbooks say so.

But the fact is not. Tide is impossible to be caused by the moon's and sun's gravity.


Tide is absolutely not causing by gravity. Gravity is perpendicular to sea level, impossible to move water horizontally. Simple fact, can you see it? Why not? Stupid?

If you put a water ball in the middle of a rope between the earth and the moon, who will win the tug of war?

Does the length of the rope matter?

All sea waters on earth are accelerating to the center at 9.8 m/ss, not accelerating to the sun or moon.  

Saying tide is caused by the moon's gravity is absurd, fully demonstrated how stupid are theoretical physicists. They can't even think rationally. Incapable to handle simple fact and logic, but created mainstream physics.  

Electromagnetism, QM, Relativity, Big bang theory, standard model, black hole, dark matter, solar wind, are all mistakes and lie.

Don't believe me?

If atoms are made from particles orbiting/clouding/waving/BSing around each other, how can a diamond be so hard?

How can 99,9999% empty space made atoms form into solid matters and incompressible waters?

Are you as stupid as scientists?