Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Scientific Mistake Of The Ocean Tide All scientists think the tide is caused by the moon's and sun's gravity. All textbooks say so. But the fact is not. Tide is impossible to be caused by the moon's and sun's gravity. Why? Gravity is perpendicular to sea level, impossible to move water horizontally. Simple fact, can you see it? Earth magnetic field, polar lights, ocean tide, and atmospheric wind are all caused by westward circling sunlight energy. The coastal sea floor warms up and cools down due to circling sunlight energy, thermal expansion causes water moving in and out twice a day. Polar lights are caused by circling sunlight energy from the equator accelerating westward into the poles, energizing the atmosphere. Therefore both are swirling westward. Scientists lied about solar wind and charged particles come from the sun causing polar light. Easy to proof. If there are particles hitting earth, the direction will be sun-earth, impossible to produce swirling polar lights. There is no radiation, no light, no red shift, no black hole, no temperature, no plasma, no solar wind, no Van Allen Belts, no force fields, no waves or photon particles in empty space. All are retarded physicists stupid lies.

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