Saturday, August 28, 2021

Fact About Space

If space contains any matter/mass/plasma/particles/photons/waves/forces/fields then there would be no stable orbit. All moving bodies will slowing down. The present universe won’t exist. 

There must be no friction in space for planets to have stable orbit is fact. 

There must be no friction between moving parts for perpetual machine to work. 

Atoms must be perpetual machines to keep conservation laws true. 

Atoms must have moving parts to carry and store energy, moving parts must be charged so they can push or pull each other. 

To create the universe from atoms. 

Human body is an air battery. Combustion engine is an air battery. Fire pit is an air battery. Energy is stored in oxygen not fuels. 

How oxygen atoms carry what energy?

That is the point.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Science is religion

There is much theoretical nonsense being portrayed as science. The standard model, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, relativity, the big bang theory, time travel, and simulation are examples.

Maxwell was wrong. There is no transverse wave moving at light speed in the vacuum due to there being no force carrier in existence.

Computer simulations can only produce digital signals; the real world is based on matter and energy.

Time is not a place, as it has no location. Where is the past or future? How do we time travel?
These are simple facts, can you see it?

NASA faked the moon landing. Some shadows are right under the objects in the videos, meaning they made the videos at noontime. They would have had to land on the moon in the morning to avoid high heat at noontime.

NASA, China, Japan all generate fake news about solar sails working in space, and how photons are able to transfer momentum to solar sails to accelerate spaceships.

They lied right in front of your eyes.
If the light/photon has momentum, why does a Navy laser weapon have no momentum impact? Why does the Crookes radiometer not spin in a hard vacuum?

All space missions are fake since time delay for space radio transmission is impossible. Light is instantaneous in space.

All scientists think light speed is 3 x 10^8 m/s in the vacuum of space, but they are all wrong.
If light speed is not infinite, all of the stars and galaxies we see are from the past, so how can scientists map the universe and measure the total mass?

It is all lies.

There is no solar wind. What's its mechanism? Why would protons and electrons not attract each other and form into hydrogen atoms on the way to earth? Why would gravity not pull them back into the Sun?

There is no Van Allen Belts. What's its mechanism? Since the Sun's energy/radiation/light strength decays at 1/R^2, the only way to find stronger radiation is to get closer to the Sun. Near and around the earth, radiation strength is the same.

EM drive? It is powered by quantum vacuum virtual plasma. It is pseudoscience, quantum anything is imaginary.

Voyager is fake, how can a 23-watt radio transmitter send pictures over billions of miles? How can pictures get more clear as farther away?

Einstein was wrong about time dilation. Put the same atomic clocks in the Sun, Earth, Mars, and flying on an airplane for 24 hours, and each clock will have a different reading. Which time is dilated, and which clock has the correct time? They all spent the same 24 hours simultaneously.

Time dilation is a misinterpretation of timer's moving rate/reading affected by gravity/acceleration/force upon it. Time is not a thing; time has no location, and cannot be touched, so what is dilating what? How? All things happening are now; all existence is now, time is forever ongoing now, all past became now, and all future will become now.

What is space? Void, emptiness, nothingness - therefore, no property, no boundary, nor anything else can fit in it.

How can gravity curve space? What is curving? Gravity is the attraction force between matter/masses, so there is no matter in space that can be curved.

How can gravity slow down light speed? Light cannot escape from a big star, so it becomes a black hole? If gravity can slow down the light speed, why do Sunlight and flashlight beams have the same speed?

They took a picture of stars behind the Sun at the time of the solar eclipse, to prove gravity bends light path, but it is another misinterpretation. Hot plasma on the Sun deflected star lights. Our atmosphere deflects star lights by the same principle.

Relativity is all BS.

Gravity lensing is caused by plasma on the Sun or gas clouds in deep space, not caused by gravity. 

Space does not expend. All the stars we can see in the night sky never changed positions in the past few thousands of years. 

Blackhole is a scientist toy for scamming $ and fame.
A black hole is imaginary stuff that has a huge mass that its gravity is so strong that even light cannot escape from it so it looks black. Based on Einstein’s theory that gravity can bend light and slow down the light speed.

This is impossible. If gravity can bend or slow down the light speed, Sunlight and flashlight will have different speeds. Every star light will have different light speeds.

LIGO lied detected gravity waves from 1.3 billion years ago. Gravity is instantaneous force, the gravity wave speed is infinite, otherwise, no planets can have a stable orbit. Why can't LIGO detect CME or earthquake?

The most famous equation E=MC^2 is a math trick, not a fact.

Mass is condensed charged particles. Energy is an electromotive force that matters carried. These are totally different, and cannot be equivalent.

A 1 kg matter at rest has no energy but thermal energy; for it to carry 1kgC^2 energy, it must move at 1.414 C speed. How fast can we move a bullet?

Nuclear energy? With 1 kg of the best fuel, how much of it, percentage-wise, can produce heat?

The most famous experiment in modern physics, the double-slit, is a misinterpretation, as all waves are within a medium/matter waves, there is no light/wave in space.

A light is not a wave and not a particle in space. Light is high-frequency alternating current in the medium. Do a double-slit experiment in a vacuum chamber, and light's wave property will disappear.

The fabric of space-time? Ripples of gravity wave? Distortion?

What is the compound of the fabric or ripples? What is distorting what? What is the mechanism?

Why do protons in an atom stick together, but electron and proton don't stick together?

Why did all scientists fall for such nonsense and make it mainstream?

Science today is a controlled religion.

If you are smart

If you think you are smart, answer a question. 

What is the causing of ocean tide?

The moon’s gravity? Are you sure?

Yes. Because scientists and textbooks say so?

You are brainwashed by science education all your life, forget to think and question anymore. You read and believe anything related to science. Nobel Prize winners are great scientists, whatever their theories must be right. Famous theories must be right because they are famous theories. Textbooks must be correct because they are textbooks. 

Have you seen rain or snow? Which direction they fall? If the moon’s gravity is pulling sea water raising up, why water stays on earth?

Simple fact and logic? 

If you start thinking, and question, such as if we put some water or feather in the middle of space between moon and earth what will happen?

After you understood the moon’s gravity is impossible to cause tide of earth, you may want to find out the true cause of the tide. 

Your head keeps thinking. Water raises and falls along the shore line twice a day. To move so much water needs a lot of energy. Where is the energy source?

You know sunlight heats up air, water and land that are facing the sun. When land heats up it expands, when land cools down it contracts. Maybe thermal expansion causes coastal sea bad changing shape and causing tide? 

Along the equator, the hottest part and coldest part of the earth are 12 hours apart, makes tide twice a day?

If you keep thinking. What is space time? Matter or energy or word puzzle? If it is not matter that has mass and shape how can it has curvature? What is curving? 

How can matter/mass tell space how to curve? How can space tell matter how to move? What language? What mechanism?

What is the fabric of space time? Real thing or word puzzle?

What is time dilation? Two clocks one is slower one is faster, an hour later their readings are different but both experienced the same hour of time. 

Modern physics or modern witchcraft?

Scientists talk about lies all the time. Such as tide is caused by moon’s gravity, time travel, solar wind, Van Allen Belts, photon particles, electrons and protons. 

Facts are tide is caused by sunlight energy, time travel is impossible, solar wind, Van Allen Belts, photon, electron and proton particles don’t exist in reality. 

We use LEGO pieces to make toys. Nature uses atoms to make matters. 

If LEGO pieces are not solid can we make solid toys? 

If atoms are not solid pieces how can diamond be hard?

Textbooks say atoms are made from electrons waving or orbiting or clouding or BSing around a heavy nucleus and contain 99.99999 percent of empty space. 

If that’s fact how can solid matters exist?

Simple fact and logic?

If sunlight is photon particles emitting from the sun traveling at light speed that has momentum, able to push solar sails in space, then why a strong laser beam can not move a flame? 

Look around the colorful world, are matters emitting different colors of photons? Are those photons hitting your eyes at light speed? Where are those photons go?

If the sun in fact blows out solar wind that contains electrons and protons, that captured and hold by earth magnetic field became dangerous Van Allen Belts, why magnets in reality don’t capture and hold electrons and protons? How can sun earth direction solar wind hits earth atmosphere to produce swirling polar lights? How can electrons and protons in the solar wind don’t attract each other and form into hydrogen atoms?

So-called electron and proton charged particles are impossible to exist. Because Coulomb’s force is the strongest force existing, all charged particles will attracted together and become a big mass. 

If stars are protons and planets are electrons what will happen?

No magnet can orbit another magnet to form a stable system. How can electron orbit proton to form stable hydrogen atom? Isn’t electrostatic force is much stronger?

How atoms carry what kind of energy? Why electron and proton don’t stick together? How atoms emit photons? What mechanism?

If In fact charged particles don’t exist, isn’t all the particle physics and discoveries are BS?

If scientists all mistaken on the mechanism of ocean tide how can they be correct on anything beyond earth?

Sunday, August 1, 2021

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Thermal expansion of the land from sunlight energy causes tide.   

If the moon’s gravity can pull sea water off the shore why not keep pulling? Why can’t moon’s gravity pull air up which is closer to the moon and 1000 times lighter than water?

Deny simple fact and logic. Stupid scientists created word puzzles to confuse people. What is tidal force? Force from the moon or earth?  How it works on what mechanism?

People are stupid duo to 100 years of brainwash by controlled mainstream science education. 

They don’t think, don’t question, don’t care anymore.  They worship Einstein, Nobel Prize winners and mainstream science. Read and believe anything scientific. 

Relativity is total BS. QM is total BS.  But treated as Bible in science field. 

Retarded physicists don’t even know the true cause of the tide, how can they know anything about space, time, sub-particles and their behaviors?