Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Forever lovers

if life is not infinite how can we image infinity?


  1. I finally found my way to your writings. This will help. And I agree with you. To know a thing, one must participate in it. We can know physics, or reality because we too are science. I get the notion that you have a feel for just how alive this Universe must truly be. I agree with your physics regarding real-time connection between everything. And its frankly very intriguing to me to picture atoms and bodies as transmitter/receivers. All lines of transmission work in both axis so I think any current flow induce signal. You have given a lot of thought to A/C perspective. This is also interesting to me. I tended to think more of direct current so I would benefit from your thoughts. Light as ac transmission! THat is brilliant I think. I also think it is funny that you are not persuaded by the Ether people. Exactly. We already have 'ether'. Its called plasma/gas, or other matter. I think the transmission is by vibration of what they call 'electrons', resonating as you describe. And yes, motion through space must be longitudinal, and without any propagation speed.

  2. I meant energy motion through space.