Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Tidal mechanism

Fill water in bath tub, draw a red line to mark the water level. 

Without touching the water, how can you make water level change?

I will use hair blower to heat up the side of the tub, so thermal expansion of the tub will change the red line position.

Sunlight circling around earth, heats up landmass. Thermal expansion cause coastal seabed bending. 
Different size, shape and slop of the bay have different hight of the tides. 

All scientists are confused. They don’t understand tide is an illusion of sea level rise and fall caused by coastal seabed bending caused by thermal expansion of the landmass caused by sunlight circling the earth. 

They are also stupid. Rain and snow always falling down at full moon. How can moon’s gravity cause sea water rising 50 feet high?

They are also liars. They say moon’s gravity cause two water bulges on earth and earth is moving under the two water bulges at 1000 miles per hour around equator. 

They are evil. Create false tidal theory, deny fact and control media. 

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