Friday, September 10, 2021

There is no tide on earth

If you look earth from space using precise tools you will find there is no tide on earth. 

The sea level is always stable no matter sun moon positions. Tide is coastal sea bed rising and falling caused by thermal expansion of the landmass misinterpreted as sea level changing.  


  1. Put water above earth at moon’s distance it will accelerating to earth. Is that a fact?

    Moon’s gravity rises sea water to produce tide is a joke. Why people are so stupid?

  2. Simple phenomena on earth as ocean tide made all scientists unable to understand its true mechanism.

    How can they understand sub atomic particles or stars? How can they understand light, energy, black hole, dark matter, space and time?

    Modern physics is witchcraft.

  3. Bulge is impossible to exist due to sea water is constantly accelerating to earth center at 9.8 m/s.

    Earth move under water bulge is impossible otherwise ships can circle the earth by floating on the bulges.

    People are brainwashed by science education for so long, forgot how to think rational anymore.

    Top scientists are lying all the times. Poor people are hopeless.