Wednesday, July 28, 2021

 If it is not a fact then it is a lie. 

Too many lies in textbooks, schools, media and news. 

For example:

Tide is caused by moon’s and sun’s gravity.  

Fact is tide is caused by the coastal sea floor expanding and contracting duo to sunlight circling earth. The hottest and coldest part along the equator are 12 hours apart. Makes tide twice a day. 

Space is cold. -270 degrees. 

Fact is space contains no mass to hold heat therefore space has no temperature. 

NASA astronauts lied in space is super hot and cold. No one been space. All lies.  

Solar wind from the sun hits atmosphere and produce polar lights. 

Fact is if solar wind/charged electrons and protons are real their direction will be sun earth, impossible to produce swirling polar lights and hydrogen ppm will keep increasing in the atmosphere.  

Too many to list here. Read my blog. 

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