Monday, July 26, 2021

Build a perpetual machine using present technology

Seal a plastic ball inside of a big vacuumed plastic ball and make them carry the same positive electric charge.

If there is no other masses in space, this system is a perpetual machine. If we give it a kick, it will oscillate forever.

If we build infinite such systems/atoms, what would happen? They will never form into bigger balls due to they all repel each other.

Now if we add a shell over the outside ball, make it negative charged, and add some negative charged liquid float over the shell, what would happen? Will the system be a perpetual machine? Yes, the ball and the liquid will both oscillate at radius direction due to the repulsion and attraction forces from the double shells/the big ball. 

Before God creates the universe, he must first create building blocks of the matters, the atoms.

If we name the inner ball B, the inner shell I, the outer shell O, and the fluid F, the amount of charge they carry governs atom's mass and properties. The fluid oscillating frequency governs the color of the atom/matter, the oscillating voltage governs the brightness of the atom/matter.

I believe God created atoms and their Coulomb's force, set them free and falls asleep forever.

Such atoms have arms that can reach infinite distance, they live forever, they can push and pull any other atoms. 

Therefore they can conquer the world, Become us, and becoming god.


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