Thursday, April 16, 2020

Time is a concept and measurement of the passage of the motion and the duration of the event. All matters are constantly moving and vibrating due to the electromotive force/energy they carry,

All motions are caused by force F=ma, all motions have speed V=at, all forces are constantly attracting or repelling matters, therefore time is universal, the whole universe is existing and motion at now, past and future are only existing within our minds.

All existence is forever ongoing now. The past is not existing anymore and the future is not existing yet.

Time travel is a word puzzle that has no meaning because time is not a physical location that can be traveled. Scientists talking about time travel are very dumb.

Breaking news - a rock from volcano eruption hits the moon CNN
Do you believe in fake news? Why?

CME is like a volcano eruption on the sun. All ejected matters will fall back to the sun due to gravity. CME hits the earth is a joke, scientists talk about CME are very dumb.

Read and believe science fake news is not very smart.

All black holes, gravity waves, neutron stars are imaginary BS.

Every phenomenon in nature has a precise mechanism, no theory is correct without it.

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