Friday, April 24, 2020

Antimatter, dark matter, quantum computer, black hole are all BS. Even photon is BS. Why the masses are so stupid? Read anything and believe. There is no black holes and gravity waves, now they took a picture of black hole and get Nobel Prize, fake detected gravity wave and get Noble Prize. It is all BS. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

CERN discovered god particle won Nobel Prize. It s BS. Photoelectric effect theory won Nobel Prize, it is BS. If photons have momentum to knock out electrons from solar cells, why photons. cannot move Crook's radiometer in hard vacuum? Why laser gun that can melt metal can not move a flame or smoke? Why photons don't slowdown and stop in water like bullets?

Solar wind is imaginary, another NASA lie and science lie. THINK ABOUT, if solar wind is real, sun's gravity will attract it back to the sun. If solar wind is real, it will be sun earth direction only, polar lights are swirling, not straight line.

Why black holes are BS? If gravity can attract light, slow down light or bend light, then bigger star light will go slower and light will not follow a straight line. Simple facts, can you see it?

What is space-time? What is the fabric of space-time? Empty word puzzles becomes modern science, the masses are as dumb as those BS scientists.

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