Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Time travel is BS. What is time travel? Where is time? How to get there?

Simulation is BS. Computer simulation can only produce digital singles, the world is full of matter.

Blackhole is BS. If gravity can slow down the speed of light, then sunlight and flashlight will have different speeds.

A gravity wave is BS. Gravity is coexisting with sun and earth, it is constantly attracting sun and earth therefore instantaneous. There is no such thing as a gravity wave. If the sun has a quake, we will simultaneously quake.

There is no such thing as photon or quantum, quantum anything is BS. What is quantum? What is photon? Where it came from? What is it made of? How exactly photon interact with solar cells?

An atom is a perpetual machine, an alternating current generator, and a two-way antenna. The charged particles in the atom are indestructible, the electrostatic force between them is immortal. Therefore an atom is an immortal living life form.

A charged particle is indestructible, therefore it must not be constructed or created, it must be self-existed. We must accept the fact that self-existed basic particles are the building blocks of the universe.

NASA moon landing is fake. They must land on the moon in the morning time to avoid high heat. Apollo videos showed many shadows are right under the objects. They used artificial light to make those videos.

All space missions are fake, light and radio signals in vacuum space are instantaneous. NASA faked time delay.

It is all lies, from religion to politics to theoretical science.

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