Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Hydrogen atom working model

All the mystery in the universe is within the attraction force and repulsion force that are coexisting with charged particles. Same charges repel, opposite charges attract, F=Ke x pq/R^2.

Without anything else we know of, charged particles formed into atoms, matters, stars and planets, life forms and us. We can say God created charged particles and retired, and there was all.

If we can create indestructible charged balls, we can make macro atoms. For example, a basketball size ball carries 918 positive changes and 918 bb size balls each carries 1 negative charge, separated at a distance r.

We release the balls, what will happen? According to Coulomb's law, bb balls will accelerate to the big ball, according to laws of motion and momentum conservation, bb balls will collide on big ball and bounce back and forth forever forming an atom ball around the big ball that is constantly oscillating at radius direction. The density of the bb ball cloud decays at D=1/r^3 due to the repulsion force between bb balls decays at 1/r^2.

This is a working model of the hydrogen atom. Proton carries 918 positive charges, electron carries 1 negative charge, hydrogen atom carries 1 proton and 918 electrons. 1836 charges equal to 1 atomic weight, no matter positive or negative. Without force, there is no mass.

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