Friday, January 31, 2020

To understand the universe, we must understand the precise structure of the atoms. Because of the whole universe is made from atoms.

The present theory of the atomic structure is obviously incorrect.

The theory says atoms contain 99,9999% empty space, electrons are orbiting/waving/clouding around the positively charged nuclei/protons. In fact, atoms are not compressible, otherwise, there would be no solid matter that can exist. And negatively charged particles are impossible to orbit/wave/cloud around positively charged particles to form into a stable atom. 

If gravity is 10^39 times stronger, as strong as the electrostatic force, then the whole universe will become one big star, there would be no other masses around it.

Our science is still religion, human minds are still confusing by fake science. Such as relativity, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, etc mainstream science.

Daily news like discovered new black holes, detected gravity waves are all fake. But the masses are unaware. 

If we don't correct science education now, humans will be fooling by science for a few more hundred years.
The universe is made of matters. Only force can move matter, and only matter can carry force. Matters and motions are all existence.

Electrostatic forces are connecting all matters as one. All matters must move simultaneously forever.

Nowadays people are brainwashed by fake science. Blackhole, space-time, photon are all imaginary none existence stuff.