Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Energy is coexisting with matters. Energy density is proportional to mass density and temperature. That is why our atmosphere gets colder in higher region and earth core is hottest. Space has no matter, therefore no energy, no temperature.

Energy cannot radiate into vacuum space at all. That's why at night time we don't get colder and colder but have stable temperature.

The energy from the sun on earth/daylight is moving around earth surface constantly, never radiates into space.  Even if earth has no atmosphere, night time will be still warm, never be frozen as scientists said. Because energy cannot radiate into vacuum space, energy only co-existing with matters.

NASA lied about space is super cold, dark side of the moon is super cold because heat radiate into space. Lied that ISS dark side is super cold. They never went to space for real.

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  1. Fusion is a scientific $ scamming game

    Energy powers all motions existing, including our thoughts. It is energy living in our bodies and thinking in our brains.

    Energy lives within matters/atoms/charged particles, powers charged particles to form into oscillating atoms, acting and reacting with other atoms, form into matters, and living life forms.

    Energy is the electrostatic attraction force and repulsion force coexisted with charged particles.

    If there are only 1 electron and 1 proton existing, if they are stick together, Then there is no energy existing. F=Ke x pe/d^2, d is electron radius plus proton radius. This force cannot accelerate the two particles due to they are connected already. If we pull them apart to a distance r, the attraction force will be F=Ke x pe/r^2, and now they carry potential energy. If we release them, they will accelerate to each other on a straight line, collide and bounce back and forth forever due to laws of motion and momentum conservation. The potential energy becomes kinetic energy carried by oscillating particles. And this system/atom is an AC generator, a transformer, a two-way antenna and a perpetual machine.

    All the mechanisms, nature laws, happenings are powering by EMF/electrostatic force at motion/motion charged particles. All the secrets and truths are within the electromotive force.

    Electromotive force/energy and its carrier/matter are the sources of everything existing. the electrostatic force is the mother of all fundamental forces. Magnetic force is a circular electrostatic force carried by the circular current in medium/conductor, or circular electrostatic force carried by concentric dipole rings within the magnet.

    Gravity is net Coulomb's force between all charged particles in all matters. Neutrally charged masses still inducing electrostatic attraction force, similar to married people still inducing sexual attraction.

    Universal repulsion force/used called levity is the repulsion force between lines of sight particles on the surfaces of all matters/masses/atoms. This force F=Ke x q1q2/r^2 is the immortal conductor of energy between masses in space, simultaneously instantly transfer energy/light/radiation/photon/EMwave between matters throughout space.

    Light does not travel in space at light speed and take 8 minutes from the sun to earth, light is AC in the medium/plasma/air/water/glass, light on the sun induces light on earth instantly immortally, energy is coexisting with matters, never can vanish/leak/radiate into empty space, therefore energy is conserved.

    Stars are not fusion reactors and constantly radiate energy/light into empty space, space is a perfect insulator, otherwise, the temperature of the universe will keep raising, end up all masses at the same temperature due to thermodynamic equilibrium.

    All scientists saying the sun is a fusion reactor are mistaken. They still don't know the light is AC in the medium, not wave or particle propagate in space. They sill don't know how 1 electron and 1 proton form into a stable hydrogen atom. Theoretical physics today is full of mistakes, yet mainstream denies all facts and new theories, the future is as bright as dark matter.