Saturday, September 30, 2023

Common physics lies

According to the laws of conservation of matter, energy and momentum, the universe must be self-existent and immortal. The temperatures of the stars and planets must be stable.

If the universe had a beginning, what came before it?

If the Earth was formed from a cloud of hot gas that cooled, how could there be heavy elements on the surface of the Earth? The heavy metals should have all sunk into the molten core and become alloys. Sand should be glass.

Before 19 century the universe was stable. The Big Bang theory is false. 

Common Physics Lies

Physicists say that the sun constantly radiates light and heat into space.

They do not understand that heat, light and energy must coexist with atoms/matter. Empty space cannot carry heat, light and energy.

If heat, light and energy could be radiated into space, then we could use vacuum containers instead of cooling systems.

The air we breathe contains 99.9% empty space, so why wouldn't the air cool?

Friday, September 29, 2023

The existing of solar wind is a lie

NASA scientists lie that the sun is constantly blowing out charged electrons and protons to form the solar wind.

Where has the solar wind been for the past several billion years for all stars?

Why don't the electrons and protons in the solar wind attract each other and form hydrogen atoms?

If the solar wind exists in empty space, how can the planets have stable orbits?

If the solar wind has mass, why does it not slow down and fall back to the Sun under gravity?

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Earth has no magnetic field

The strength of the Earth's magnetic field is assumed to be 0.6 gauss when measured at the hypothetical magnetic poles, dropping to 0.2 gauss around the equator.

In fact, the Earth has no magnetic field or poles. The compass points north because the sun's energy moves westward, causing currents in the atmosphere to move westward.

This westward-moving current in the atmosphere in the Earth's shadow induces auroras that spin westward.

Scientists falsely claim that the Earth's molten core causes the Earth's magnetic field. False claims that the solar wind exists and that the solar wind produces auroras. False claims that the Earth has a magnetosphere that extends into space and produces the Van Allen belts.