Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Atoms are formed from oppositely charged particles. Those particles carry EMF/kinetic energy/formation energy and constantly oscillating within the atoms.

Therefore every atom is a perpetual machine, a two-way antenna, a transformer and an AC generator.

Present theory of atomic structure is totally incorrect. No scientists and textbooks can explain how 1 electron and 1 proton able to form into a stable hydrogen atom, what is the precise mechanism?

Theoretical physicists invented wave-particle duality, uncertainty principle, wave function, electron shell, electron orbital, electron clouds, standing waves, energy levels, quantum states, all kinds of word puzzles trying to explain atomic structure, but all are imaginary BS.

How 3 quarks makes a proton? Up quarks carry 2/3 positive charge, down quarks carry negative 1/3 charge? How can they measure those quarks' charges? How can those two positive quarks stick together? Do they need strong force to hold them within a proton? How much strong force needed? What carries strong force? What is strong force? Electrostatic force?

Before we know exactly how atoms are formed, how can we sure about how the nature laws functions?

Earth is believed to be flat for a very long time. Scientists found proof to support this believe in their time. Our time has many more incorrect believes in theoretical physics. For example, the sun is a fusion reactor and constantly release light energy into space, light waves/particles travel in vacuum space at light speed, gravity waves travel in vacuum space at light speed, electrons flow back and forth in the antenna can produce EM waves.

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