Saturday, November 14, 2020

 What is light?

Light is visible frequency oscillating electricity carried by atoms on the surface of matters. All matters are formed from atoms, all atoms are formed from oppositely charged atom blocks (so-called particles). Those atom blocks attract and repel each other constantly, perpetually carrying, generating, transforming, and receiving electricity. Light propagates/conducts in a medium at light speed, in vacuum at infinite speed. Light does not travel in space, light induces light over any distance in space instantly, due to electrostatic force (Coulomb's force) has infinite reach. So-called light/EM wave/photon/radiation is nothing but alternating current within atoms/medium. The light must coexist with matter/medium. There is no light traveling in space. Light induces light over any distance instantly. Based on Coulomb's law, F=Ke x e x e/R^2. Two electrons are connected by repulsion force at any distance, therefore they can share electrostatic force/EMF/energy/information instantly. Such repulsion force is called levity by scientists in the past, but they never discover its mechanism. Atoms are constantly oscillating with the thermal energy they carry. That energy can radiate to any line of sight atoms through levity. This is the true mechanism of light. Light is a visible frequency alternating current. The light must coexist with the matter. Light waves are longitudinal waves. Light is not a photon particle. Light cannot become matter. Light is the universe's free electricity. Sunlight stays in Sun's plasma. Sunlight on earth stays in the Sun-facing atmosphere, land, and water. According to science, some stars we see are billions of light-years away and ago, are they still there? Are they moving away or come closer now? The theory of light and electromagnetism is full of holes. How photon waves? Isn't a photon particle? Is photon also EM wave? Is EM wave has an oscillating electric field and oscillating magnetic field? Is photon carries electric force? Is photon carries also magnetic force? How? What is a photon made of? Where is the photon located before and after traveling in a vacuum space? How photons carry EM waves? How photons carry and transfer energy? How photons pass water and accelerate into the air? What are the precise mechanisms? All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no nearer to the answer to the question, 'What are light quanta?' Nowadays every Tom, D i c k and Harry thinks he knows it, but he is mistaken. -Albert Einstein Einstein knows not what is light. All stupid physicists don't know what is light, they think light is EM wave and photon particle mixed BS. In fact, light is alternating current at visible frequency carried by oscillating atoms. The light must coexist with the matter/carrier, there is no light propagating in vacuum space. All scientists are mistaken. Light in the whole universe is simultaneously shining in the forever ongoing now. Electrostatic force/Coulomb's force is 10^36 of magnetic force. According to textbooks. The electrons on the surface of your eyes and the screen are repelling each other with such a strong invisible force. But you never noticed it before. You learned/thought that light photons are shooting out from the screen to hit on your eyes, that is how you can see light and colors. The sun is far far away, but that force is still very strong, it repels electrons on the surface of your eyes and the sun, makes them oscillating simultaneously, this is the true mechanism of light and colors. The world has many different religions, but only has one mainstream science, because people are stupid, they think science is more trustworthy than religion. The fact is not. Science is more delusional than all religions. No lie is bigger and deeper than scientific lies in the world. Atomic structure, Big bang, black hole, dark matter, photon, quantum, gravity wave, spacetime, time travel, solar wind, wave-particle duality, uncertainty principle, relativity, QM, electromagnetism are all lies and mistakes.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

    Earth Magnetic Field Mechanism

Sunlight on earth is an alternating current in the atmosphere induced by the light on the Sun.
Sunlight on earth is moving westward at 1,000 mi/hr at the equator as the earth spins.
This movement induces an east-west direction current in the atmosphere.
This current in the atmosphere induces compasses to point to the north.
This current also accelerates away from the equator to the poles to create polar lights.
The earth’s magnetic field is not from the molten iron core.
There will be no magnetic pole reverse unless the earth spins the other way.
Earth’s magnetic field is a misinterpretation of this circular electric current on earth.
Earth has this special east-west direction electric current in the atmosphere. Birds sense this current to navigate. We, too, use compasses to sense this current to navigate.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Time Dilation IS BS

If you travel at 3 x 10^8 m/s speed to the nearest star and back, it will take 8 years.

The earth simultaneously moves around the sun 8 times, people on earth are 8 years older.

What is time dilation? Time has no physical existence. 

Your clock rate changed due to any conditions that have nothing to do with time.  

Relativity tards misinterpreted timer dilation as time dilation. Very stupid. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

What IS Wave?

Waves must have wave carriers. All waves carriers are matters, gas, liquid, and solid matters.

It is impossible to find waves in the vacuum space.

When a mass is accelerating, its gravity affects the line of sight masses at any distance simultaneously. 

When a mass's surface atoms are oscillating, its levity affects the line of sight matters' surfaces at any distance simultaneously. 

Sound is a gravity wave, light is a levity (universal repulsion force) wave. Both waves are coexisting with the carriers/mediums/matters.

If you jump on the floor, it vibrates, produces gravity waves in the building and air. If you knock on the door, it vibrates, produces gravity waves in the door and air. If you wave your big hand, it produces low-frequency gravity waves.  

A gravity wave is a matter-wave. Due to gravity is coexisting with the matters.

Antennas or power lines have current flow back and forth? What is an EM wave? How to produce an EM wave? What mechanism? What is a photon? What carries EM waves? space or air?

Is photon particle existing? What is an EM wave? Is the photon an EM wave?

Friday, November 6, 2020

The True Mechanism of Ocean Tide

Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun, and the rotation of the Earth. Wiki

Scientists have been mistaken since 150 BC. Gravity is impossible to cause tide. Gravity holds water at sea level. 

Tide is caused by sunlight circling the earth.

Sunlight energy in the atmosphere and seawater moves around the earth westward, created ocean current and tide, atmosphere wind, earth magnetic force (field), and polar light.

Monday, November 2, 2020

The Scientific Lie Of The Ocean Tide

All scientists think the tide is caused by the moon's and sun's gravity. All textbooks say so.

But the fact is not. Tide is impossible to be caused by the moon's and sun's gravity. 


If you put some water in the space between the earth and the moon, what will happen? 

The water will accelerate at the net force direction until it hits the earth or the moon depend on their distance.

Saying tide is caused by the moon's gravity is absurd, fully demonstrated how confused theoretical physicists are. 

They can't even think rationally. F=ma, the net force direction is always the acceleration direction. If the moon's gravity is causing ocean tide, it must be stronger than the earth's gravity at sea level.

Why tide is not caused by the sun's or moon's gravity? 

How much net force is acting on seawater? Which direction?

All matters are governed by gravity. Stronger gravity dominates all matters motions. Matters on earth are governed by earth's gravity only.   

If the sun's gravity can affect matters on earth, then day time the sea level will be higher, the daylight side atmosphere will be higher. Summertime tide will be higher than the Wintertime tide.

From common sense, if the tide is caused by the sun's or moon's gravity, then the highest tide should be under the solar eclipse path.

There should be two high tides move around the earth near the equator every day, one high tide follows the overhead sun and one high tide follows the overhead moon. Near the poles should be all low tides.

High tides should be moving around the earth from east to west not locally up and down.

If high tide is moving around the earth at 1000 miles per hour near the equator, can ships get a free ride? If high tide is not moving around the earth, the present tide theory is not correct.

Sun's attraction force s equal to the earth's centrifugal force, therefore stable orbit. The net force between earth and moon is zero, all masses only accelerate at net force direction.

Sun's and moon's gravity are impossible to cause tide. Scientists should seek out the true mechanism.

Don't be a frog at the bottom of the well made by controlled mainstream science.

Relativity is all mistaken. For example, time dilation is a misinterpretation of the timer’s reading charged at a different speed, gravity, or temperature. Put the same clocks in the Sun, Mars, Earth, and flying on a plane, and in a freezer for 24 hours, and every clock will have a different reading, but all spent the same 24 hours simultaneously

Gravitational lensing is a misinterpretation of the hot gas on the Sun or gas clouds in deep space deflected light, not gravity. Quantum entanglement is a misinterpretation of Coulomb's force at work. All lines of sight charged particles are connected by F=Ke x PQ/R^2, and therefore, act as entangled.

Light speed in vacuum space is 3 x 10^8 m/s is wrong, light does not propagate in vacuum space, light induces light instantly at any distance. Visualizing video at the speed of light — one trillion frames per second. Light speed in water is the length of the bottle divide by how many frames. The same way can measure light speed in air and vacuum. Can prove light speed in vacuum space is infinite.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

The True Workings Of The Universe

From an atom to the biggest star, every piece of the building blocks of the universe is a perpetual machine.

Atom is formed from charged basic parts of the atom. Those basic parts attract and repel each other constantly with the electrostatic force/Coulomb's force they inherited. 

If we put a positively charged ball inside of a positively charged sphere shell, without input any energy, the ball will be repelled by the shell and stay in the center forever.

If we put the ball off-center and let it go, the ball will accelerate at force direction and bounce back and forth inside the shell forever. This is the simplest perpetual machine that can be made by nature, or by our rational imagination based on Coulomb's law.

If the shell has a negatively charged outer shell and a negatively charged liquid floating surface, the inner shell carries more charge than the outer shell, the inner shell will attract the liquid floating surface and the outer shell will repel it, the liquid floating surface will oscillating at force direction constantly. This perpetual system is the basic structure of the atoms.

The amount of charge of the inner ball, inner shell, outer shell, and liquid floating surface, governs different atoms' properties and mass. 

We already know matter and energy are conserved, cannot be created or destroyed, then we must accept the fact that matter and energy are self-existed. The self-existed matter and energy are God in my dictionary. 

Since every atom is a perpetual machine, they interact with other atoms with inherited Coulomb's force, form into stars and planets, life forms, and us.

Every atom is an electricity generator and transformer, constantly oscillating with their electric energy/EMF. 

The more atoms attracted together, the bigger mass the higher energy density and temperature, the bigger stars are hotter. 

Light is oscillating electricity at visible frequency carried on the surface atoms of matters.

Coulomb's force has no boundary, connected all matters in the infinite universe as one.

We are but electricity/energy living in a meat body. Body changes and energy moves on. 

Existing is immortal. Human has to become God.