Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The impossibility of photon particle

Two fighter jets fly parallel to the earth curvature at 500 miles per hour. One is shooting bullets at the the other one.  

The sun is shooting photons at the earth at light speed. The solar system is moving in space at what speed?  

The universe is expanding at what speed? Faster than light in some parts of the universe? 

How can light speed to all observers are the same?

How can planets have stable orbits moving through sea of photon particles that has mass and momentum?

Why photons can push solar sails but cannot drag moving planets?

Why Einstein said that anyone thinks he knows what are light quanta is mistaken in 1953?

Why all mainstream scientists take his word as a fart and talk about imaginary photon all the time?

Is science nowadays a religion?

Fuck theoretical physics and physicists forever.