Monday, May 18, 2020

Relativity is based on a false assumption, light speed in vacuum space is not constant but infinite. Scientists still not sure about the true mechanism of light. That is why wave-particle duality been accepting, and theoretical physics went in the wrong direction, totally lost.
The speed of light is the speed of energy/emf propagate in the medium. There is no light in space, speed of light in space/vacuum has no meaning, and has never been measured in a lab.
Two electrons at any distance, repel with each other with force F=Ke x e1e2/R^2 is a fact. That force is the instant conductor of energy in vacuum space, due to electrons are on the surface of all matters.
All matters in space are connected by universal gravitation force and universal repulsion force, gravity is the attraction force between masses, and levity is the repulsion force between the surfaces of masses. therefore light and gravity are instantaneous in space. Forces are coexisting with matters, forces have no speed, internal property of the mass.

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