Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Gravity/Matter Entanglement Theory
All lines of sight matter from a charged particle to the biggest star in the universe are constantly simultaneously attracting each other with gravity F=G x m1m2/R^2, therefore all lines of sight maters are entangled by attraction force. 
The sun is moving in space, if gravity is not instantaneous, without matter entanglement, all planets cannot have stable orbits. The facts of stable orbits proved gravity does not propagate in space at light speed.
All scientists think gravity propagates in space at light speed are mistaken.
All forces in the universe are based on electrostatic force coexisted with charged particles based on the fact that all matters are formed from charged particles. All forces are instantaneous due to the fact that forces must coexist with matters.
Gravity is the strongest force between the sun and the earth. There is no imaginary strong and weak force, there is no magnetic force, there is no contact force. There is another force between the surfaces of the sun and the earth. Scientists used to call it levity/universal repulsion force. I discover and proved it last year. That force is the conductor of light energy.

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