Sunday, May 24, 2020

Perfect insulator

Vacuum space is perfect insulator. Without it, all masses/the universe will be at same temperature.

Space keeps the sun hot, the earth warm, the Mars less warm, and so on, according to distance to the sun.

The sun is just a hot mass like other stars. there is no fusion in the the stars.

The more mass attracted together by gravity, the stronger gravity it has, the higher energy density, the higher temperature it has. Bigger stars are hotter and oscillate at higher frequency bands.

There is no redshift, scientists today still don't know the true mechanism of light, they think light is something/photon/EM waves that propagating in vacuum space at light speed.

Radiation is not photon particles/EM waves/energy shooting/emitting out from the surface of the sun into space. There is no known mechanism.

Radiation is momentum sharing between lines of sight electrons on the surfaces of masses.

Electrons are on the surfaces of all matters/masses/atoms is an irrefutable fact, Coulomb's force between lines of sight electrons is an irrefutable fact. This force called levity by some scientists in the past. I rediscovered it last year and named it a universal repulsion force. This force is the simultaneous/instant conductor of energy throughout empty space between masses. It causes all phenomena to involve the surfaces of matters, such as photoelectric effect, photosynthesis, induction, and mechanic work.

Mainstream science made many mistakes. First of all, energy/heat must/only coexists with matter/mass. There is no energy in the vacuum space. The sun is a hot mass just like all-stars, there is no such thing as fusion in the stars and there is no light/energy/photon releasing from the suns into empty space. Energy and their host/matter are conserved, immortal existing, and self-existing. If energy is really releasing into space, the earth at night time will be getting cold very fast and stays cold till sunlight heats it up again

Tell me the mass of a planet and the distance from the sun, I can predict its temperature. The moon's dark side is not as cold as NASA said. If its mass is equal to earth's mass, the temperature will be about the same, but the light side will be hotter than earth due to no atmosphere.

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