Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Joke of the century

There are no fields but forces/energy/EMF coexisting with matters. Space is just empty void, there is no force, no field, no virtual particles, no dark matter, no energy, no light waves or photons, no fabric of spacetime, no ripples of gravity waves, no property, no BS, no nothing.

There are no light waves or gravity waves traveling in vacuum space. All waves must have a medium/matter to carry the waves. Gravity and light are both electrostatic force, Gravity is stable force, light is oscillating force, both are instantaneous coexisting with masses. Light speed is the rate of induction/propagation of electrostatic force in the medium. Gravity wave speed is the earthquake wave speed.

Gravity is the most accurate measured fundamental force in the labs. Gravity is internal property of the mass. Gravity is coexisting with masses, this universal attraction force is constantly pulling masses, it has no speed. All forces must have carrier, direction and attitude.

Gravity waves only exist within masses. There is no gravity waves traveling in vacuum space at light speed. LIGO lied detected gravity waves from 1.3 billion years two black holes merged and won Nobel Prize and Breakthrough Prize. Joke of the century.

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