Wednesday, May 20, 2020

I think doing science must based on what, how, why.  Without understanding true mechanism, no theory should be accepting.

All modern theoretical physics theories, GR, SR, QM, electromagnetism, are mainly descriptions without precise mechanism explained.

For example, QM teachers tell you to stfu and calculate. Calculate what? How 1 electron and 1 proton from into a stable atom? There is only one attraction force at work, F=Ke x pe/R^2, so why electron and proton don't colliding but orbiting or clouding or waving?

Electromagnetism says EM waves propagate in space at light speed but space has no force/field carrier. It says current flows back and forth to produce EM waves, but in reality an antenna is a terminal of a electrical circuit, electrons can only flow in a closed circuit.

Gravity is co-existing with matters is fact, force is within matters, force has no speed but connection. Gravity wave only exist within matters.

Light speed is emf/oscillating electrostatic force propagating in mediums, there is no light in vacuum space. Light speed in vacuum is mistake and light simultaneously shining throughout space.

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