Saturday, October 21, 2023

Why Pole shift is a lie

Because Earth has no magnetic poles. 

Magnetism is the only force that decays at distance cube. If the hypothetical magnetic pole of the earth is 0.6 Gauss, how can there be a magnetic field of 0.2 Gauss at the equator? It's impossible.

Facts are facts. Why Compasses point to 0.6 Gauss imaginary earth magnetic pole thousands miles away but not point to 5000 Gauss toy magnets few feet away?

Sunlight moves westward around the Earth, creating a weak current that causes compass needles to point north. Due to the smaller circumference, this weak current becomes stronger near the poles, producing auroras.

Only if Earth spins the other direction, then compasses will point to south. It will not cause any danger at all.  

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