Thursday, December 14, 2023

Why are they so stupid?

In all the literature, oracles, and theories of scientists, there is not a single correct explanation for the tides.

How could scientists be so delusional and stupid as to think that tides are caused by the moon's gravity?

It is the Earth's gravity that keeps the ocean water level at all times. How could the moon's gravity or its position raise the sea level and create tides?

Fact is tides are illusion of coastal line moving in leveled oceans caused by thermal expansion of the earth’s crust caused by moving sunlight. 

I don't understand why scientists are so stupid. Do you?


  1. hello

    i hope u good and i understand ur frustration but where did u remark these? how did u connected everything i know that there's a lot of bs outta here

  2. there are multiple explanation of it. ur the one who decided to be ignorant about it. why not create a valid study debunking their study? or are you just stupid and ignorant?