Monday, October 16, 2023

What is electric current?

What is electric current? Electrons flow in a conductor?

How do electrons flow in a conductor? Like many cars driving down the highway? Or is water flowing in warer pipe? What is a highway in a conductor? What is the water pipe in the conductor? Why don't electrons flow to the positively charged nucleus? What magic keeps electrons away from the nucleus?

Is the speed of electrons flowing in copper wire the speed of light? If not, how could electricity travel at the speed of light? If so, how can electrons accelerate at the speed of light?

In fact, Atoms are not made from charged particles as scientists told. 

All atoms consist of indestructible, electrically charged multiple layers hollow sphere and internally charged solid sphere. Outside each atom is a layer of negatively charged liquid that scientists mistaken for electrons.

This negative charged liquid attaches to non-metal atoms due to their outer layer is positively charged and floats on metal atoms due to their outer layer is negatively charged. The floating liquid of a conductor conducts electricity.

Electricity is flow in conductor 

instantaneously, similar to hydraulic fluid flow through hydraulic systems. 

The voltage of the electricity is proportional to the speed at which the floating liquid moves.

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