Friday, March 8, 2024

There is no tide on Earth

With the exception of Galileo, all scientists throughout history mistakenly believed that tides were caused by the moon's gravity. 

In fact, tides are an illusion of coastal movement in a flat ocean, caused by the thermal expansion of the Earth's crust caused by moving sunlight.

Nothing outside the Earth can touch or move the ocean water. Only moving objects, such as wind, marine life, ships, and the seafloor, can contact and move seawater, creating waves or tides.


If, as scientists say, the Moon's gravity creates two bulges of water on the far and near sides of the Earth, and these bulges of water move around the Earth causing tides, then there should be two highest bulges near the equator 12 hours apart moving westward at a speed of 1,000 m/h.

Why do tides only occur on the coast and not in the ocean? Why do different coasts experience one, two, or four tides per day, ranging in height from 0 to 50 feet, and moving in different directions at different speeds?

To prove that tides are an illusion, we set up a laser beam on a pier at the east end of the Bay of Fundy, pointing it parallel to sea level and toward a target on the west shore. Observations of this target were made at high and low tide. If tides were changes in sea level, the two targets would be the same. Otherwise, tides are an illusion of coastal seafloor moving over a flat ocean due to periodic thermal expansion of the Earth's crust.

The article and pictures show that, at the same time, high tides reached 20 feet on the west side of the Bay of Fundy and 50 feet on the east side.

This fact proves that tides in the Bay of Fundy are the product of thermal expansion of the Earth's crust.

It is clear that during thermal expansion, sea level did not change, but the land on the east side of the Bay of Fundy rose by 50 feet, while the land on the west side of the Bay of Fundy rose by only 20 feet.

The diameter of the Earth is 8000 miles. thermal expansion of the crust moves some coasts up and down 50 feet in flat ocean is reasonable. 

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