Friday, December 22, 2023

Truth must be learned

After the 18th century all physicists were frauds They made up false theories such as the Big Bang theory, particle physics, astrophysics, relativity, quantum mechanics, black holes, gravitational waves, dark matter, etc. to fool people and get money.

The smallest particle in existence is the hydrogen atom. Electrons and protons and all subatomic particles are fabricated lies.

The momentum gained by rockets using mass ejection techniques based on the law of conservation of momentum can never escape Earth's gravity. All space missions are fake. Satellites are carried by helium balloons.

CERN, NASA, LIGO, fusion development, particle research are top scientific hoaxes.

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  1. Great step to learn from you Sir. I remember been confused and ask my high schl physics teacher on how rocket escape out earth while its normal knowledge that when you the apple thrown up comes done (the force has been applied) same to rocket pulling against gravitational force which can't.