Saturday, December 30, 2023

The Earth has no magnetic field

 Scientists throughout history have been stupid. They don't understand why all compasses point north. 

They don't understand the fact that sunlight moving westward around the Earth constantly induces weak currents around the Earth, causing all compass needles to point north, and also produces auroras at night.

They lied that the earth was a giant magnet made by the magic of the molten core. They lied that the earth had two magnetic poles, so the compass pointed north. 

They lied that the earth's magnetism exists thousands of miles away in space, forming a magnetosphere to protect the earth, otherwise the earth would lose its atmosphere. They falsely claimed that the magnetosphere could capture and retain the solar wind and create the Van Allen belts around the Earth.

They deny the that the hypothetical magnetic poles of the Earth are only 0.6 Gauss but it can form a magnetosphere extending into space thousands miles away to protect earth, while the toy magnets are thousands of Gauss, but there is no magnetosphere at all.

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